Best Way to Secure IPv6

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Best Way to Secure IPv6

When asked about IPv6, lots of organizations understand that they should do something, but aren't certain what would be the perfect method to approach IPv6. In my conversations with clients, I discovered that the unfamiliarity of using IPv6 is among the primary challenges. Thus, to obtain experience with IPv6, then there are lots of avenues to return, from the inside out approach (start in an interior region and work outwards) into the outside-in (work on the net from the interior system ). One very simple method to get started with IPv6 will be to make utilize of your own current proxy infrastructure. I would like to explain to you the way to do so using the Cisco Internet Safety Appliance (WSA).

This is likely to ensure it is a double stack, as we don't desire to take our IPv4 customers.

In an explicit manner, the WSA Understands the URL from your Customer and gets got the job to fix the URL into an IP address through DNS. Thus We Must inform our technician what we ought to choose if a site has an IPv4 and an IPv6 listing accessible:

After those 3 steps, our proxy can assist IPv6. Only simply take your entire IPv4 customers and navigate to internet sites like This site will highlight the IP address you're using.


If you're deploying the WSA in a transparent manner, why not try these out, where you're redirecting your client requests via WCCP, then a small bit more attention has to be studied. However, there's been a modified variant named WCCP v2.01. This really could be the variant that you would like to search for. Maybe not a lot of platforms are encouraging it now, but among those programs which will encourage it's the Catalyst6500 Change.

If your customers are double-pile, the proxy will probably secure IPv4 and IPv6 asks as the customer is picking, per URL, that protocol to use depending on DNS. We also need to work at WCCP using a double stack strategy and also have two WCCP redirection classes:

If your customers are only on IPv4, then you can divert your customers via WCCP v2.0 just too before. But whilst the proxy doesn't fix the DNS, the incoming relations may likewise not use IPv6.

How to use your proxy includes a lot of benefits:

  • You're not essential to modify your internal infrastructure at the very first point. All customers can stick to IPv4 and therefore so are utilizing the proxy before.
  • You're able to secure experience about internet sites that already are IPv6 enabled. It really is crucial that you know!
  • It is possible for you to learn that internet sites are may be having issues with IPv6, while it's from the URL Category or standard availability.

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