80 Products That Are Made in Canada

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What is "Made in Canada" mean?

The phrase "Made in Canada" means at minimum 51 percent of the direct costs involved in making or producing the product are paid for within Canada and the most recent significant change to the item (change in appearance, form or even nature, i.e. an entirely different product) took place in Canada.

The statement must have a qualified statement, for example "Made in Canada with imported ingredients" or "Made in Canada with domestic and imported parts" and should be as precise as stating the percent for each of them "60% Canadian content and 40% imported content".

What is "Product of Canada" mean?

The phrase "Product of Canada" means almost all (at minimum 98 percent) of the total cost of creating or making the product are paid for within Canada and the most recent substantial modification of the product took place in Canada.

Here are some of the items that are produced from here, in Canada!

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1. McCain Fries 

One of our favorite memories of childhood was eating a bowl of mouth-watering, cooked in the oven McCain fries. Crispy fries have been a hit by Canadians for decades. Canada for many years and are now a hit throughout the world. Indeed, McCain Foods is responsible for producing one-third frozen fries around the world, which makes it one of the largest firms in Canada.

The company was founded in 1957. McCain Foods is based in New Brunswick. The majority of their products are produced at their renowned $65-million potato processing plant in Florenceville-Bristol, N.B. This has caused the small town to be known as "The French Fry Capital of the World." The town has also established the Potato World Museum, and also celebrates National French Fry Day each July.

2. Jos. Louis

The school lunch menu is not complete without the Jos. Louis. It is comprised of two cake halves wrapped with an almond shell and cream filling, parents have been putting Jos. Louis in their children's lunch boxes for a long time. It is revealed, this delicious dessert was actually developed by an intrepid Canadian!

Jos. Louis was invented in 1923 by an Quebec baker called Joseph-arcade Vachon. The name of his creation was derived from his two brothers, Joseph and Louis. Vachon was the one who founded Vachon Inc., a company Vachon Inc. that continues to make as well as distribute Jos. Louis as well as other tasty desserts.

3. Scratch Cards

A lot of people enjoy testing their luck on lottery tickets. If you're trying in hopes of winning a prize the scratch card was probably printed with the help of Pollard Banknote, a famous commercial printing business based within Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Pollard was first established in 1907 when the company was founded. It started printing lottery tickets for government lotteries across Canada, America, and other countries around the mid-1980s. This revolutionized the method by which Canadians participate in the lottery. While Pollard offers printing services across North America, most of its scratch cards printing takes place in Canada.

4. Michelin Tires

Michelin Tires has been putting wheels on Canadian cars for years and is among the most reliable and trusted tire producers around the globe. The company's famed name was first founded in Clemont-Ferrand in France around 1889. Since since then, it has grown into becoming one of the biggest tire producers around the globe. It makes tires in countries such as Canada as well as in the USA, Germany, and Japan.

Michelin's most important Canadian factories are at Nova Scotia, in the communities of Bridgewater, Waterville, and Pictou. The first two factories were opened in the year 1971, then added a third one in 1982. Since their opening, the factories have produced more than two hundred million tires!

5. Paderno Cookware

Since the beginning of their operation beginning in 1979, Paderno Cookware has found an outlet in almost all Canadian household. The company was started on Prince Edward Island, but has since grown into a global firm. When it was founded in 1985 Paderno had only made 30,000 pots. However, in the last year, they produced more than 220,000. Their products are sold in over 400 Canadian shops.

Paderno's items are well-known for their durability and quality. They're famous for their elegant, classic design and shiny stainless steel appearance. The lids of their pans and pots come with stainless steel handles that will not melt when heated to extreme heat. Additionally, all of them have an aluminum pad at the bottom that can better conduct heat than steel. If you are looking for an excellent set of pots and pans and pans, the Paderno is the best way to choose.

6. Sam Bats

While hockey is perhaps the most popular sport in Canada but baseball has always held significance in the history of our country. Sam Bats, which was created in the year 1896 by Sam Holman, has become one of the most important companies in the field of sports in Canada.

The company was founded in the year Holman began making baseball bats in his garage. The result was that he founded The Original Maple Bat Corporation which is also called Sam Bat. Holman was famously known for the maple wood bats of Canada they are also known as "Sam Bat" for short. Maple wood is more durable than ash, and that's the reason why these bats perform better.

The premium bats have drawn interest from many famous customers. In 2012, more than 100 Major League Baseball players were using Holman's bats when they played. Sam Bat currently produces more than 18,000 bats a year at their factory at Carleton Place, Ontario.

7. Swedish Fish

Anyone with an appetite for sweets is aware it is true that Swedish Fish are the way to go to satisfy your sugar craving. What isn't obvious to most people is the fact that Swedish Fish aren't actually produced in Sweden. Instead, the majority of these small candies are produced in Canada.

Swedish Fish were initially developed around 1950 by Malaco who was a Swedish candy maker with the goal of selling the product to the USA. Since they began to gain traction within the North American market, they've been produced within Canadian soil.

More than 5 billion colorful candy fish are produced by Hamilton, Ontario. Hamilton, Ontario factory each year. They're making about thirteen millions of Swedish Fish per day. The same plant is responsible for the production of each and every Maynards Candy distributed in Canada along with other key candy brands in the States like Sour Patch children.

8. Sabian Cymbals

Sabian Cymbals is a well-known name in the world of music. The Canadian Cymbal manufacturer and designer is among only four major producers of cymbals across North America. Sabian Cymbals' products have been utilized by famous artists like and The Black Eye Peas, Keith Harris as well as Rush.

Robert Zildijian started the company in 1981 in Meductic, New Brunswick. Zildijian was not optimistic for his business at first, since he was launching the company in a city with just 300 people living there. But, Sabian Cymbals eventually took off in the world of music and are now sold in over 120 countries.

9. Halls

Halls are a must for those who suffer from illness in the winter. These cough syrups are well-known for their sour taste, but they can be a boon for cough or sore throat and this is the reason they've become so well-known.

While Halls were first introduced within the United Kingdom in the 1930s however, they have a majority of their merchandise sold through the North American market is produced in their Canadian manufacturing facility. The factory, which is located within Scarborough, Ontario, makes more than 6 billion pieces of therapeutic candy every year. These are then sold throughout Canada and across the US.

10. Canada Goose

In the cold Canadian cold winter months, it appears that everyone is wrapped in Canada Goose jackets. Canada Goose has been keeping Canadians warm since the year 1957, when it was established by a group of people in Toronto, Ontario. Canada Goose has long been popular with people who explore the arctic and ordinary citizens alike.

Although they're most well-known for their parkas that are insulated, Canada Goose produces a large selection of other winter-related items. This includes hats, vests as well as gloves, jackets and many other items of clothing. Canada Goose is famous for the use of coyote fur on all on their jackets' caps and often , lining the hoods by duck feathers.

Canada Goose currently has two factories located in Canada One is located in Toronto and the other in Winnipeg. Most of their products are made in Canada and mostly made of Canadian materials and materials, further proving that Canada Goose is an entirely Canadian company from the beginning.

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11. French's Ketchup

For your McCain Fries to go with your McCain Fries, you're likely need some delicious ketchup. Luckily, French's Ketchup is actually produced in Canada! The French's brand is an American company that makes various condiments, such as their famous Ketchup. French's has been providing the final flavors for hot dogs from 1904 which means the company has been in existence for more than one century.

Presently, all of French's Ketchup that is sold in Canada is made in its North York plant in Ontario. Certain ketchups used for sale in the US but that changed when social users on social media complained about Heinz closed their Canadian manufacturing plant which caused hundreds of workers losing their job. French, on however, has been vocal about the use of only 100 100% Canadian tomato plants.

The businesses listed above are only a handful of the most well-known examples however there are many more products made in Canada by small-scale independent businesses and mom and pop stores!

In 2008, it was founded in 2008 by Isabelle Remy, BuyCanadianFirst.ca showcases an array of products manufactured in Canada in their catalog and also on the interactive map of product locators.

Their aim is to draw all these items (home decor and clothes, beauty products and gardening equipment, among others) to the awareness of Canadian customers and let them know that they're an choice. Like their name suggests, they don't want to protectionism-based smears however, they would rather recommend "buying Canadian first, not buying Canadian only".